ART CREATES HOPE - Artistic self-expression creates wellbeing
Art activities for empowerment & healing
“Feeling safe enough to imagine, envision and risk is the first step in art, the first step in life, the first step in empowerment.” 
~ Kirsten Carpentier, MSW
Founder and Director
Our Mission
To promote human healing and personal empowerment and foster inclusiveness by bringing art activities to individuals and groups in diverse communities, both in the private and public sectors.
Our Philosophy
Art Creates Hope believes that everyone is an artist and that individual wholeness is a foundation for societal healing. Artistic self-expression, like food, clothing and shelter, is an integral component of universal human wellbeing which
•   Supports wholeness and health
•   Fulfills a need for spontaneous and authentic communication
•   Integrates the right and left brain, creative and rational functions
•   Speeds recovery
•   Reduces stress and promotes well-being
•   Enhances self-esteem
•   Encourages facing fear creatively
•   Honors cultural diversity
•   Transcends socio-economic differences
•   Fosters inclusion and promotes equality
•   Highlights individual contributions within larger organizations
Professional Services
Art Creates Hope collaborates with organizations to provide customized programs that support and enhance individual and group wellbeing in a variety of settings, including:
•   Counseling and therapeutic agencies
•   Non-profit, public and community organizations
•   Hospitals and clinics
•   Professional development and education venues
•   Hospice and bereavement groups
•   Business and private settings
•   Educational institutions

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